Business Contracts

Review & Drafting

Are you in the process of negotiating a contract or reviewing a contract? Would you benefit from the support of experienced legal and financial advisors? Negotiation is not a one-size fits all approach. Each business and circumstance is different and requires an advisor that is resourceful as well as practical. Let us assist you in negotiating and understanding the complex nuances of your contract matter whether it be employment, corporate governance, partnership, customer, or anything else your business requires. Initial consultations are always free.

Contract templates are also included FREE for members of the Virtual Counsel program. Click HERE for more information.

Flat Fee Contract Drafting Services

That’s right. NO HOURLY RATES when it comes to contract drafting. Clear, simple, pre-negotiated flat fees for all contract drafting, review and negotiation services. Our goal is to help you plan and succeed without the stress of the unknown legal fees. Subject to terms and conditions.