Business Litigation

Construction Contract Disputes

Having worked in construction (project manager, estimator, union iron worker), represented scores of contractors and homeowners in construction contract disputes, and taught classes on construction contract matters, Jeffrey K. Davis, Esq. is well prepared to represent you in your construction dispute. Now with the added associates on staff we can offer much more for the construction industry.

This firm handles all construction contract-related matters including:

  1. mechanic’s liens
  2. trust fund accounting claims
  3. breach of contract
  4. professional negligence

Our fee structures vary on a case by case basis. We offer contingency fee, partial contingency fee, flat fee, capped fees, monthly payment plans, and reduced hourly fees for qualified cases.

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Construction companies should also check out our

Virtual Counsel Program.

$75 a month for in-house counsel??!

Contract Disputes

This firm represents businesses and individuals in disputes arising out of virtually every type of business contract and business relationship. For qualified cases we offer flat-fee or contingency fee representation.

  1. Breach of employment contracts or employee handbooks
  2. Breach of non-compete agreements
  3. Breach of non-solicitation agreements
  4. Breach of commercial contracts
  5. Breach of independent contractor agreements
  6. Breach of asset purchase agreements
  7. Breach of stock purchase agreements

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Business Divorce Litigation

Disputes between “business partners” are all too common in the business world. With a strong focus on partnership disputes and business divorce, we are ready to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes including family-owned businesses, closely-held businesses, corporations, LLC’s and partnerships.

Types of common business litigation issues include:

  1. Petition for an accounting
  2. Petition for access to books and records
  3. Dissolution proceedings
  4. Breach of fiduciary duties
  5. Removing directors and officers
  6. Fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation
  7. Oppressed shareholder claims

Timing is of the essence in any business or commercial litigation, so the earlier you speak to a business litigation lawyer, the better for your case. Contact us today for a free consultation. Don’t delay.

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Employment Disputes

Employment issues can be especially tricky for a business owner considering the “guilty until proven innocent” direction of most state and federal laws. Whether it’s an overtime dispute, wage dispute, or discrimination claim, we exclusively represent business owners in proving them innocent or negotiating a sensible settlement. This firm handles all construction contract-related matters including:

  1. Theft of proprietary information
  2. Misclassified Independent Contractors
  3. Interference with existing contract relationships
  4. Breach of non-competition provisions
  5. Breach of fiduciary duties
  6. Breach of contract
  7. Unpaid wages
  8. Overtime claims
  9. Discrimination

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