The Test for Whether Your Independent Contractor is Truly an Independent Contractor

The IRS test often is termed the “right-to-control test” because each factor is designed to evaluate who controls how work is performed. Under IRS rules and common-law doctrine, independent contractors control the manner and means by which contracted services, products, or results are achieved. The more control a company exercises over how, when, where, and […]

Employees: Friend or Foe?

Protecting the company’s customers, confidential and proprietary information It should be no surprise that “business governance” is not just about the relationship between the business owners. It also includes the employment relationships including the relationship between the company and its consultants.  Employment relationships are typically documented in the following types of agreements: basic employment agreement, […]

Is Your Proprietary Information Safe?

One could argue that a company’s intellectual/proprietary property walks out the door every day when its employees leave the building. The information that is entrusted to a company’s employees is its lifeblood. All too often, however, start-up companies and small businesses often do not do enough to protect their intellectual property and customer goodwill after […]