Why Choose Us?

We provide a service that is more affordable, more comprehensive and more professional than any of our competitors. We go above on beyond in the preparation and verification of your lien to help ensure that you are well positioned to negotiate or litigate your claim. With our Lien Verification service we help reduce legal fees by thousands of dollars and in doing so assist you in strengthening your position overall. Our form is comprehensive but for a reason. Not all liens are created equal. Not all work is lienable and if certain information is incorrect your lien could get dismissed. Let us help you get paid!

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Complete the following form to get started on drafting and filing your mechanic’s lien.

The cost for filing a lien is $400 inclusive of filing fees and mailing fees.

The cost for a lien law 76 demand is $200 inclusive of mailing fees.

3. Information About the Contract

The direct contact for the Company or Entity that hired you.
This is the amount you agreed to on a purchase order, signed contract, plus any change orders.

1. Your Company's Information

2. Owner Information

If you cannot confirm the exact name of the owners of the property, a title search is recommended. We can provide that service if necessary. You can also research this on Department of Buildings, or Department of Finance websites.

4. Property Information

Authorization (required)

Verification of Your Lien

This is an additional service we can provide that NO lien filing service anywhere provides. For an additional fee we go through all receipts, contracts, invoices, change orders, etc., create a detailed accounting and highlight areas of concern. The goal is to make your lien and your claim as enforceable as possible. This prepares you for court and for productive negotiations. The fee for this service varies depending on the projects, amount of your claim and extent of information.