Sample Employment Contracts

Below are some sample employment contracts intended for educational purposes only. One-size does not fit all, although these contracts are an excellent starting point for just about any business. Contact us with any questions you have about these forms.

Hiring Process:

The following are sample forms you will want to consider in the hiring process. Timing is critical when it comes to employment agreements. Also properly documenting compensation, benefits, etc. are important so you avoid baseless employee claims.

Sample Employee Non Compete Non Disclosure Agreement

Exclusivity, Confidentiality and Assignment of Work Product

Sample Employee Handbook

Sample Employment Agreement (Letter)

Computer Use Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Email Policy Strict

Sick Leave Policy

Time Off Policy

The following are sample forms you will want to consider for firing any employee. Documenting the basis for termination and obtaining a release from the employee are critical in avoiding a very expensive and frivolous lawsuit from a disgruntled employee. Remember, employment firms use little discretion in trying to squeeze a dollar from small businesses.

Notice of Termination False Employee Information

Notice of Termination Work Rules Violation

Notice of Termination

Employee Termination Certification

Sample Employee Release and Severance Agreement

Sample Employee Separation and Release Agreement

Sample Employee Severance Agreement