Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Business Consulting

Attorney Jeffrey Davis is able to provide legal and business advisory services to you and your business in a wide range of industries throughout the State of New York. Whether its a customer issue, employment issue, or even a partnership dispute, Jeffrey Davis has the necessary expertise and foundation to assist you and your business.

Being a business owner himself of many years, Jeffrey knows many of the ins and outs of running a business, including the many challenges that a business can face, and more importantly how to solve them.

Let us use our business and legal experience to find practical solutions to whatever situation or challenge your business is facing.

Business Financing

Through Aurora Business Consulting, Jeffrey Davis will broker your commercial mortgage loan to the Lender who will provide you with the financing RESULTS you need.

– Multi-Family Commercial Apartment buildings
– Strip Retail
– Factories
– Office Buildings
– Warehouse

Small  Business  Credit  Financing

We can find the right Lender to approve your request for credit financing.

– Refinance Merchant Account Loans
– Business Lines of Credit
– Business expansion financing
– Equipment financing
– Infrastructure financing
– Short-term financing for stopgap cyclical A/R solutions


• Stretched liquidity
• Often weaker debt-service coverage
• Solid customer base and inventory


◦ High growth rate
◦ Long production/collection cycle
◦ Execution of a turnaround plan

Available Business Loan Solution Products:

  • Accounts Receivable Factor Financing. The Lender lends against a percentage of outstanding “good creditor” receivables.
  • Merchant Account Financing. The Lender lends against merchant activities for credit card receivables.
  • Purchase Order Factor Financing. The Lender lends against purchase orders for manufactured products. Combine this with Accounts Receivable for taking out the Purchase Order Financing once products are completed and delivered and the account converts to a receivable status.
  • Express Financing. Fast approval for working capital or equipment purchasing: up to $100,000 with limited documents required. This loan product is especially good for situations where the business financing needs are not fully-formed (maybe it’s to cover upcoming payroll, or maybe marketing expenses, or maybe capital reserves), and/or where the tax returns or longevity of the business can’t qualify for traditional credit financing.

Aurora Business Consulting acts as your Broker to locate your business financing solutions. We are not the Lender. As your Broker we will work side-by-side with you and the Lender to smoothly facilitate your Loan Application and Approval process. We believe that business owners in need of capital to grow their businesses will continue on that path even after they have been sorely treated by a traditional lender. That’s why we look for innovative financing solutions! We know businesses will seek out the financing they need, and we believe in access to credit!

Contact us  today to see how we can help you grow your business with the best credit financing solution for your needs!

Business Checkups

Do you want know where your business stands from both a risk and profit maximizing perspective? We offer a comprehensive, practical and affordable business check-up  to ensure the health and sustainability of your business! Our initial free consultation includes a preliminary review of your:

    1. Ownership and Management Structure
    2. Partnership Structure and Agreements
    3. Choice of Entity
    4. Contract Management Process
    5. Risk Mitigation Strategies
    6. Tax Benefit Strategies
    7. Exit Strategy
    8. Employment Management Process
    9. Partnership Rights and Risks

Call now for a free initial consultation.