Starting a Business

Business Startup Services

We make starting your business an easy, comprehensive, and seamless process. We work with a wide range of industries and business types but have a particular focus, experience and expertise in  the following:

  1. Real Estate Entities
  2. Restaurants and Bars
  3. Health and Wellness (physical therapist, gym, yoga studio, massage therapy, acupuncture etc.)
  4. Salons, Cosmetologists, Beauticians
  5. Construction, Interior Design, Landscaping, Architectural
  6. Car Wash
  7. Laundromat
  8. Distribution Services
  9. Food Production and Distribution
  10. Property Management
  11. Commercial Financing Brokerage
  12. IT Services
  13. Film Production
  14. And More….

We provide practical legal solutions so YOU can focus on what you do best: building a successful business.  Our free consultation provides a preliminary review of your business goals, plans, and strategies.

Contact us today to get started with forming your business, getting a business contract, trademark a logo, or obtaining a business license.

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