Virtual General Counsel

The Virtual Counsel program is back and better than ever. Previously the basis for wining Law Firm of the Year as voted by Citibank and the New York Enterprise Report, as part of an effort to provide small businesses with premium and affordable legal support, Davis & Associates P.C. is proud to offer the Virtual Counsel Program (“VCP”).

VCP is a monthly service offering that gives you monthly access to an attorney to address general legal questions, employee issues and customer issues. It’s the perfect plan for the following:

  1. New businesses that want to ensure they are in compliance with state and federal corporate formalities.
  2. Construction companies that want assistance in their contract management.
  3. Companies that need assistance collecting debts.
  4. Businesses that want a monthly “check-in” “check up” or legal opinion.
  5. Businesses seeking an outsourced human resources department.
  6. Business seeking counsel for their employee management process.

How It Works

Basic Plan is $75 per month for up to 45 minutes of legal counsel per month. Includes preliminary audit of select client files, document/file retention, oversight of important emails, free debt collection letters, suggested email responses and risk mitigation strategies. Subject to terms and conditions and annual contract. Click HERE to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of the Virtual Counsel Program?

Depending on your business’s needs, the benefits of being a VCP member are quite broad. Here are a few:

  1. Discounted legal services
  2. Discounted legal research
  3. Discounted representation in litigation
  4. Predictable and affordable outside counsel
  5. Increasing and improving your credit history
  6. Healthier business and happier business owners.

Why Davis & Associates P.C?

Davis & Associates P.C. provides legal and business advisory services for a wide range of industries no matter where your business is located. Whether it’s a customer issue, employment issue, or even a partnership dispute, we have the necessary expertise, resources and foundation to assist you and your business. With the on-call experts to address operational, insurance, financial, tax, and legal issues your business is in the best hands possible with Davis & Associates P.C.

Let us use our business and legal experience to find practical solutions to whatever situation or challenge your business is facing.