Loans or Investors?

Determine the Funding and Capitalization of Your Business Your business plan should adequately address the funding requirements of your Company in order to get the Company off the ground and running. Funding can come from various sources but basically broken down as follows: (a) loans (b) investors Here, we discuss generally some of the pros and cons of each […]

Are You An Oppressed Shareholder?

One of the most common claims amongst minority shareholders in a corporation is the “oppressed shareholder/member” claim. Essentially, one argues that their rights and expectations have been utterly defeated by the other shareholders and as such, they are entitled to some relief from the Court. Below, we take a look at the legal theories, cases […]

FAQ’s: Forming a PLLC in New York

The following outlines the process and costs for creating a PLLC in New York: File Articles of Organization with the NY Department of State. Filing fee $235 Obtain required consent from the New York Department of Education. Filing Fee $110. NOTE: The name must include the profession, name and or/location. Anything outside those rules has […]

The Test for Whether Your Independent Contractor is Truly an Independent Contractor

The IRS test often is termed the “right-to-control test” because each factor is designed to evaluate who controls how work is performed. Under IRS rules and common-law doctrine, independent contractors control the manner and means by which contracted services, products, or results are achieved. The more control a company exercises over how, when, where, and […]

FAQ’s: Forming a Corporation

  The Process To form a Corporation one files a Certificate of Incorporation with the Department of State. The filing fee for filing the Articles or Organization is $125 plus a $25 expediting fee. The firm’s legal fee to prepare and file the Articles of Organization is $150. This fee includes obtaining your new company’s […]