FAQs: Our Trademark Process

Our Fees Filing a US trademark application for a name or slogan is a $1,300 fixed fee (unless you’re a Virtual Counsel member), broken down as follows: $275 for 1 class of goods/services  $400 for the clearance search/conflicts search $625 for the application ($500 for Virtual Counsel Program members). Additional classes (e.g. food in addition […]

GUIDE: 40 Questions for Any Partnership Agreement

A Guide to Putting Together Your Partnership Agreement By Jeffrey K. Davis, Esq. WHAT SHOULD YOUR BUSINESS GOVERNANCE AGREEMENT ADDRESS? The following is a 40-point checklist that you should use when drafting a business partnership agreement. This is not an all-inclusive list but I have to say, it’s pretty close and has broad applications for […]

FAQs: The Preliminary Conference

Litigation in New York courts is governed by rules set forth in the New York Civil Practice Law & Rules (CPLR), “Uniform Rules”, local/judges’ rules, and case law. The Preliminary Conference (“PC”) is the first conference in the case (hence “preliminary”) and the first time the case has deadlines that are imposed by the Court […]

Duty Not to Oppress Minority Shareholders

One of the most common breach of fiduciary duty claims by minority stakeholders in a  company is the “oppressed stakeholder” claim. Essentially, one argues that their reasonable rights and expectations have been substantially and utterly defeated by the other stakeholders and as such, they are entitled to some relief from the Court. The claim arises […]

VIDEO: Talk to Neil

Meet one of my favorite business attorneys Neil Greenbaum as we talk about buying businesses (asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements and franchises). It’s extremely informative, and we get some valuable pro tips from the pro himself. Neil. This will surely not be the last interview with Neil. While he doesn’t call himself an “expert” […]

VIDEO: Client Spotlight and Pro Tips on Buying a Business & Evolving a Culture

I was very excited to get to interview Ralph Ramirez. Ralph is an exceptionally talented client and owner of Townecraft Homewares. In this insightful video you get to hear how he approached this multi million dollar business acquisition, some true “pro tips” if you’re considering purchasing a business, and the critical importance of “evolving a […]