VIDEO: Negotiate This

This video is about Negotiation do’s and dont’s. I promise you, if you think about negotiating a contract or dispute in this way, you’ll be far more successful.

Interference with Contractual Relationships

TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH EXISTING BUSINESS RELATIONS Tortious interference with a contract is a claim that comes up often in the unfair competition realm of lawsuits. Since it is on the tip of so many of my clients’ brains, I thought it best to help people understand a little better what an interference with contractual relations […]

Construction Claims – Some Powerful Tools

The purpose of this guide is to briefly address some of the legal issues and tools pertaining to a breach of a construction contract. This is not an all-inclusive list but a very good start for any construction company looking to collect or enforce a debt, foreclose on a lien, or assert any other contractual […]

Construction Contracts: Some Basics

Not all construction contracts are created equal. That’s because every construction project is different. There are however two underlying themes (which arguably are necessarily intertwined) from the attorney’s perspective and that is (a) proper risk allocation and of course, (b) getting paid. However, before allocating risk one must first understand the specific risks in the given project. […]